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Terms of Service

Hasee Commitment

Hasee provides high-qualified warranty service for the computers and peripherals produced by Shenzhen Hasee Innovation Co., Ltd including laptop, desktop, monitor, AIO, tablet and so on. All warranty policies are in accordance with local laws and regulations.


Warranty rules

For Hasee products in warranty period, customers can have their computers repaired by contacting with the sellers or distributors where they buy from.

For products in following situations, Hasee will no longer provide free testing and repairing service, instead Hasee may require a charge:

1.     Out of warranty period.

2.     Problems or malfunctions caused by repairing, changing configuration, misoperation and improper setting by non Hasee or unauthorized personnel.

3.     Hasee warranty label can’t be identified due to torn or damaged.

4.     Information in warranty proof such as warranty card or invoice has been altered or does not match the product.

5.     Damage caused by misuse in the environment that does not prescribed in user manual.

6.     Damage caused by installing fake or unauthorized software.

7.     Failure caused by viruses, Trojans, malware, etc.

8.     Failure caused by natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, typhoons, etc.), or irresistible external forces such as animals, pets, insects, and other accidental factors (such as collisions)


Customers need to know:

1.     Data backup

It is recommended that you back up important information in a timely manner to avoid information loss during the daily use and before receiving service. Hasee will not be liable to any data loss when providing testing and repairing service.

2.    Warranty certificate

To protect your rights and interests, please keep and provide the necessary warranty certificate such as warranty card and invoice when you sending for repair, and indicate clearly the product information (such as model name, serial number) and issues.

Hasee will not accept separate repairing for individual parts or accessories (battery, adapter, hard drive, CPU etc.)